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Intuitive Crystals - Level 2

This course will deepen your knowledge & connection with crystals

Developing Your Intuitive Connection With Crystals

In this course we feature our 11 "go to" crystals because they are both versatile and readily available.

We share how we connect with crystals intuitively and work with them through the Chakras as well as with crystal layouts.

The course is in audio format and the modules are split into short audio bites to make learning easy and flexible to fit around today's busy lifestyles.

The content in this course forms the basis of our practitioner certifications so if you decide after working through this course that you would like to take the last step and become a certified Intuitive Crystal Practitioner you can choose to upgrade and gain access to the practitioner modules. This is optional.

This Level 2 course builds on the foundation knowledge of Intuitive Crystals Level 1, although it is NOT a pre-requisite.

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Intuitive Crystals Level 2 - Course Content

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Level 2 Crystal Pack

The level 2 crystal pack contains all the crystals featured in the course and printed A4 cards showing the crystal layouts featured.

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What We Cover In The Course

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