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SEPH Reiki Level 2

Become a Level 2 SEPH Reiki Practitioner, with this CMA Accredited Course

Becoming A Reiki Pracitioner

Continue your journey with Reiki.

This practitioner course is based on traditional Usui Reiki and also teaches you some SEPH Method techniques. Give your treatments an edge by personalising them to your client and adding in the SEPH techniques if you choose.

A combined SEPH Reiki session helps to empower the client to be more consciously connected and deepens their experience.

A flexible way to attain your Practitioner Qualification

The course is in short style audio format for maximum flexibility and you retain lifetime access to the content, so you can revisit it as often as you wish.

A comprehensive workbook and the unique SEPH Reiki cards are sent by Royal Mail when you sign up, to assist your learning.

For the accredited Practitioner certificate case studies are required and all details are in the course modules.

We offer an additional option to receive live support and guidance during and/or after the course though our membership group The Reiki Cafe. Membership to the Reiki Cafe is on a monthly basis. We have made it easy to join and easy to leave so its very flexible.

What Positive Happy Me Students Have To Say...

"I absolutely loved the SEPH Method & Reiki courses. It's really given Me so much understanding of Myself, My spiritual journey and how my own emotions can block Me and My blessings.

I have learnt where I hold them, how to release them, and now I can help others do the same. It really has been a blessing"

Debbie - Natural Intuitive

"I finally released my old patterns and found my true purpose in the process.

Sarah's approach through the SEPH Method has provided me with exactly what I needed to do this.

I never expected my own personal transformation to be so enlightening. This course has allowed me to really focus on what I am called to do, and in the process has helped me to finally recognise my old patterns, and start to make the changes needed to enable me to move forward"

Avril - Counsellor

"I cannot recommend SEPH Method enough. It has really impacted my business too, I learn so much more about my Reiki client’s integrating the SEPH Method into the sessions, than I ever had before. This helps me to support them in the way that they truly need, to facilitate their own healing, just as I have.

Julie - Reiki Practitioner

Choose a pricing plan

SEPH Reiki Level 2 - CMA Accredited Practitioner Course

This option is all inclusive and gives you lifetime access to the SEPH Reiki level 2 audio course and the workbook and unique SEPH Reiki cards which are dispatched via Royal Mail.

Attunements are live, either face to face on via zoom and the link to book them is included within the course content. 

Also included in this package are the case study assessments, and when they have been approved, a profesionally printed certificate.

This course is accredited by the Complementary Medical Association, which is a recognised professional association. Upon completion students can become members of the CMA if they wish and this enables them to access the professional practitioner  insurance schemes negotiated by the CMA, provided all conditions are met. Full details of requirements are in the course modules. 

SEPH Reiki Level 2 - Course Content Only

This option gives you lifetime access to the SEPH Reiki level 2 audio course and the workbook and unique SEPH Reiki cards which are dispatched via Royal Mail. 

If you wish to obtain the full accredited practitioner qualification and certification you will need to pay the assessment fee at the time the case studies are submitted. This is currently £99.

Course curriculum

Reiki Masters SarahB & Ali Kate

SarahB & Ali-Kate, the faces behind Positive Happy Me, are both Reiki Masters who are passionate about helping others on their Reiki and Self Healing journey. Between them they have over 40 years experience of working with Reiki and they have been

teaching courses and workshops together since 2005.