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Emotional Clearing Course

Restore Emotional Balance & Harmony with some simple SEPH Method Techniques

Emotions are the key...

Mastering and expressing our negative emotions and experiences is vital to maintaining physical and mental health and harmony.

The SEPH Method, where SEPH is a mnemonic for Static Energy Pattern Healing, is now available as a series of courses, with a CMA accreditation for the SEPH Method Practitioner.

The techniques taught can be used on their own to create simple yet emotionally mindful sessions. The SEPH Method techniques also integrate well with other Holistic modalities such as Reiki, as they empower the client by helping to engage them in their healing journey.

The Emotional Clearing Course is part of the CMA Accredited SEPH Method

The SEPH Method Practitioner qualification includes all of the following short courses:

Breath Awareness

Emotional Clearing

Chakra Balancing

Positive Mindset Mantras

Empowered Action

Plus a Practitioner Module and Case Studies.

These courses are all available separately so you can pick and mix what you are drawn to, either for self healing or CPD, whilst still keeping the option of becoming a practitioner open to you as you develop.

Choose a pricing plan

Emotional Clearing Course - One Time Payment

One time payment of £89 includes access to the audio course, a printed workbook, plus an intuitively chosen crystal or essence.

Emotional Clearing Course - Installment Option

per month for 2 months
Initial payment of £47 followed by one additional payment of £47 charged to the same payment method 30 days later. 

This includes access to the audio course, a printed workbook, plus an intuitively chosen crystal or essence.

Please note if the second payment fails to be made course access will be restricted.

Emotional Clearing Course Curriculum

The lessons are in audio format in short bites to make it easy and flexible to listen to. The physical card set and workbook add another dimension to help you work with the techniques.

What people are saying

"I absolutely loved the SEPH Method & Reiki courses. It's really given Me so much understanding of Myself, My spiritual journey and how my own emotions can block Me and My blessings.

I have learnt where I hold them, how to release them, and now I can help others do the same. It really has been a blessing"

Thank you xx

Debbie Maskell - Natural Intuitive

"I finally released my old patterns and found my true purpose in the process.

Sarah's approach through the SEPH Method has provided me with exactly what I needed to do this.

I never expected my own personal transformation to be so enlightening. This course has allowed me to really focus on what I am called to do, and in the process has helped me to finally recognise my old patterns, and start to make the changes needed to enable me to move forward"

Avril Gayne - Counsellor

"I cannot recommend SEPH Method enough. It has really impacted my business too, I learn so much more about my Reiki client’s integrating the SEPH Method into the sessions, than I ever had before. This helps me to support them in the way that they truly need, to facilitate their own healing, just as I have.

If like me you’re sitting on the fence not sure whether to do it or not, I’d say go for it! You won’t regret it!".

Julie Shaw - Reiki Practitioner

What to expect with the SEPH Method

The SEPH Method helps us more easily recognise, re-frame and release emotional and energetic blocks that leave us feeling stuck and frustrated.

As we learn and apply these simple techniques we naturally begin to develop our intuitive self connection.

In this course we use the emotions as the key to healing, and work with channeled Guided Journey Meditations to help restore feelings of positivity & balance

About Positive Happy Me

Positive Happy Me provides a range of holistic courses, many of which are accredited by the CMA.

SarahB & Ali-Kate, the faces behind Positive Happy Me, are both Reiki Masters who are passionate about helping others on their Reiki and Self Healing journey. Between them they have over 40 years experience of working with Reiki and they have been teaching courses and workshops together since 2005.