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Chakra Balancing

Learn to work through the Chakras to restore feelings of peace and harmony using the SEPH Method Chakra Visualisations and Card Set .

Working with the Chakra system to restore balance

This course contains some powerful channeled Chakra visualisations and a set of Chakra Cards.

The visualisations can be used on their own, alongside other Guided Meditations or integrated into Reiki sessions.

The audio course explains how to work with with them to help instill feeling of peace and harmony.

What is the SEPH Method?

The SEPH Method helps us recognise re-frame and release emotional and energetic blocks so that we an more easily connect to our inner guidance.

The SEPH Method combines simple Breathing Techniques, Mantras, Guided Journey Meditations and Chakra visualisations.

It has a unique set of oracle cards and incorporates simple rhymes to help the process.

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Chakra Balancing Course - One Time Payment


The Chakra Balancing Course is part of the CMA Accredited SEPH Method

The SEPH Method Practitioner qualification includes all of the following short courses:

Breath Awareness

Emotional Clearing

Chakra Balancing

Positive Mindset Mantras

Empowered Action

Plus a Practitioner Module and Case Studies.

These courses are all available separately so you can pick and mix what you are drawn to, either for self healing or CPD, whilst still keeping the option of becoming a practitioner open to you as you develop.

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About Positive Happy Me

Positive Happy Me provides a range of holistic courses, many of which are accredited by the CMA.

SarahB & Ali-Kate, the faces behind Positive Happy Me, are both Reiki Masters who are passionate about helping others on their Reiki and Self Healing journey. Between them they have over 40 years experience of working with Reiki and they have been teaching courses and workshops together since 2005.