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Breath Awareness with the SEPH Method

SEPH Positive Mindset Mantra Cards & Audio Course


Empowered Action with the SEPH Method

SEPH Method Foundations

SEPH Method Full Practitioner Course Bundle

SEPH Method - Chakra Mastery & Practitioner Accreditation Modules

The Crystal Charge For Energy Balance


Reiki Ritual for Self Care


Healing Connection Meditation


Guided Meditations to Relax, Rebalance & Re-Energise


Crystal Pack for the Level 2 Crystal Course


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About The Positive Happy Me Academy

Positive Happy Me provides a range of holistic courses, many of which are accredited by the CMA.

Sarah Blocksidge founded the Positive Happy Me Academy alongside Ali-Kate, who was the first Reiki Master Sarah ever attuned, and they have worked regularly together on projects ever since.

They have supported hundreds of clients on their self healing journeys in the last 20 years and are also are passionate about helping to train and support practitioners.